Fellowship di Curtin University (Perth, Australia)

Congratulations to Dr. Fadzilah who will be taking leave in May and June to work with the Research Unit for the Study of Societies in Change (RUSSIC) at Curtin University, Perth.  Dr. Fadzilah has been awarded a fellowship by Curtin University for collaborative work (publishing and research) with members of RUSSIC in the area of society and the environment. Dr. Fadzilah says that for the two months she is away she plans to specifically focus on:  a)  shaping several working papers into journal publications; and  b) finding ways for RUSSIC and the Research Unit for Ethnography and Development (UPEP)  of which she is Head,  to work together for mutual benefit.  RUSSIC is a multi-disciplinary research unit based at Curtin University but with members from other Universities in West Australia who share a common interest in the societies and environments of Asia. In the social sciences its membership is particularly strong in communication studies, anthropology/sociology and human geography. The fellowship is an annual grant to deserving scholars whose applications are subject to competitive bidding. 

Similar fellowships are offered by many Australian universities for international collaboration in a range of areas and is open to everyone.  Interested applicants are encouraged to identify the individuals or groups they want to work with prior to submitting an application. Dr. Fadzilah would be happy to assist UMS scholars who are interested in these fellowships to locate possible institutions.   



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