Defining Moment(s)

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Perpustakaan Universiti Malaysia Sabah, 28-31 Julai 2008 (4.00pm): Selama empat hari berlangsungnya BRC International Biennial Conference 2008 dengan pembentangan lebih daripada 150 kertaskerja. Saksikan gambar-gambar sekitar persidangan antarabangsa ini!

[rockyou id=119225042&w=440&h=390]

Untuk memuat-turun gambar-gambar tersebut, sila klik sini. In the spirit of sharing sweet memories, none of these photos are copyrighted. So, feel free to download them!


3 Responses to Defining Moment(s)

  1. rose says:

    attached more photos during the conference

  2. butter says:

    Add on more photos coz i’m los my cam during the conference

  3. Webmaster says:

    Unless other conference attendees are willing to share (some of) their own catches – those pics are the only ones we can offer. All the photos were (single-handedly) captured by one of the conference committee members. Being the ‘lone ranger’ – he obviously failed to give a fair coverage of the entire event.

    Anyone else wants to share? Email us the pics, so I can upload them here, or into BRC Conference’s website – for everyone to download.

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