The Last Tantagas of Lotud Tuaran?

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24 September 2008 (2.30-5.00pm), Bilik Mesyuarat Utama, Aras 3: Satu seminar tentang “tantagas” dari komuniti Dusun Lotud di Tuaran berlangsung dengan dipengerusikan oleh Prof. Madya Dr. Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan, penyandang Kursi Kadazandusun Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Pembentangan seminar disampaikan oleh Pn. Patricia Regis, mantan pengarah Muzium Negeri Sabah, yang juga merupakan seorang ahli antropologi. Program ini menjadi lebih bermakna dengan kehadiran dua orang odu tantagas. Mungkinkah odu berdua ini merupakan tantagas yang terakhir dalam generasi mereka?


15 Responses to The Last Tantagas of Lotud Tuaran?

  1. suzenn_Ansos says:

    terima kasih x terhingga prof.jakie sebb mengadakan seminar ini. seminar ini bnyk membri pengetahuan baru khususnya pelajar ansos.!thaks a lot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mdm Uwoi Bte.Bilang (third picture from the left) passed away peacefully at Q.E.H K.K on 5th February 2009.She was 86th years old.May she rest in peace.

  3. Webmaster says:

    On the behalf of the School, I would like to offer our heartiest condolence to the family members of Odu Uwoi Bilang. Her willingness to come all the way (despite her physical condition, at that time) and give us the rare opportunity: learning and having some first-hand insight of the unique tradition of the Tantagas — is very much appreciated. And will forever be remembered.

  4. Stefyanie says:

    I know both of them and i grew up learning lotud’s traditions. It’s a unique culture i have no doubt saying that but as we grow and more exposed to modernization, the culture and all it’s traditions are slowly fading away… what is going to happen someday, it will totally sound strange to our children, grandchildren, great grand children etc, isn’t pathetic? it will always remain in my blood ‘saya anak dusun lotud’ but then someday… what is dusun? what is lotud (especially because it’s really rare among people too, correct me if i’m wrong) i’m proud to learnt the language and all types of prayers (dusun lotud) I’m also proud to share it with my friends who doesn’t know about it. We can’t blame anybody because i am one of the ‘young generation of dusun lotud’ too and i can’t be like them (tantagas) so i believe sooner or later (someday) it will all fade away and i’ll always share the great memories i had with them (including my grandma) it’s painful to think that no one can ever be like them or even replace them… hard to say. But yes… for sure everything will be gone, faded away together with the time. ;'(

  5. Miming Uwod says:

    First thing would like to send my condolences to the family of Odu Puru/Mdm. Uwoi Bilang who pass away recently and may she rest in peace. She just like my grandmother since the day I lost my grandmother… (May her rest in peace too)!!

    Secondly, hey.. it’s my mum!!! (proud) hahaha.. Yes, my mum is a tantagas and she is very active and popular in the Lotud Community (Tuaran) especially in the traditional culture what we called “Momolian”.

    I’m just like Stephanie, she’s ma cousin! I grows up in Lotud community, but what a shame, I’m almost 30 (a few years more to go) but I can’t even speak in Lotud. I’m so proud to tell other that I am a pure lotud from Tuaran, but people feel it funny and strange.. cos it’s ever happened that I need to call my mum to ask how to say “15” in Lotud..(What a shame!!). Not that I don’t know, but I forgot! So… how do expect me to communicate in the language if I can’t even count properly?? Sometimes I still confuse what is the difference between “Lampahanon” and “Linampahan”. Both means Vege, but not sure which one is cooked!….But still I’m in the learning process after I realized all this… (Anyone willing to teach me?, other than ma parents)

    I ever imagined, who is going to perform all the spiritual unique things after the “veterans” are gone? Who is going to perform the “popouli sinduan”?? ahhh.. Nowadays teenagers!!

    To all the Lotud teenagers!! : Hey!! Learn to speak fluently and who knows you may be the next generation of Tantagas from Tuaran!

    • Anonymous says:

      hi. can i have your email? currently make a research on dusun lotud culture especially about Tantagas. thank you 🙂

  6. jonathan says:

    i think do the seminar like this is very interesting….macm macm org bole tahu mengenai lotud tuaran,terutama kepada generasi muda..
    tingkatkan usaha untk mendapatkan info yg lebih banyak..
    saranan kepada golongan muda..try to “study” to be a lotud tantagas and then cuba untuk menghayati…i already try,,its very unique..

  7. Jonathan P says:

    Slm utk semua. Suka sya nk tmbh berkenaan dgn perkataan Lampahanon, Lampahanon (Sayur belum di masak) Linampahan (sudah di masak) Minamalampahan ( org yg memasak)Mamalampahan ( sedang ) Lampahano / Pamalampahan ( ! ) Nakapamalampahan ( ? ).Palad-palad natanan (terima kasih semua)

  8. Jonathan P says:

    Kalau ada sesiapa yg nk bertanya, boleh lah trus hantar email kpd saya d

  9. esong @ patrict sulaiman says:

    aranggoi no kopiyo karasaan ginawoku do minomonsoi kou ‘seminar’tano. waro nopo maah diti kaagu, sunudan oku om kawaya oku jomuyu mumiboros do adat-adat lotug gi !-

  10. esong @ patrict sulaiman says:

    popo ilo oku jomuyu nantanan, waropo tantagas ilu jami kampung Bantayan/Damat, e ina’ Saro, atarakaspo moti, ngoyo muyu namao, hilu iyo tomu Tamparuli mongoi inum kupi do tomu nopo do adau kotolu @ hari tiga

  11. Dianna says:

    harus tokou momboros do suang Lotud numaa po ..aranggoi oni waro kalas dusun lotud tokou sondiri…supaya amu tatagak ti boros tokou…

  12. sue ana says:

    ala…..saya terlepas….saya ign tahu lebih lanjut tentang tantagas……..sebab sekarang untuk final projek saya kajian tentang tantagas.Drawing figura..tantagas dusun lotud tuaran

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  14. adrin says:

    try to find out.. who is Kambang Lawansa.

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