Kalau tidak dipecahkan ruyung….

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Balakrishnan Parasuraman with his Silver Medal and Certificate. He will be participating at the International Exhibition of New Inventions, Techniques and Products of Geneva next month (i.e. Geneva is ‘the Olympic version’ for innovation and invention).

19-21st February 2009 (Kuala Lumpur): Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE) 2009 returns for the 8th time, presenting the best of local and international inventions. MTE is an annual technology and innovation trade event, jointly organised by Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS) and PROTEMP Exhibitions Sdn. Bhd.

Once again, UMS participated in MTE. This year UMS showcased 10 inventions/innovations by researchers from various disciplines: sciences, technology, engineering, social sciences, and management. For the very first time, social scientists have been selected to be part of the team. The SSS only representative at the prestigious event, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Balakrishnan Parasuraman, comes home with a silver medal – the second best result from UMS contingent. Click here for the full list of UMS medalists.


8 Responses to Kalau tidak dipecahkan ruyung….

  1. Dir says:

    Congratulations Dr.

  2. Stan says:

    Tahniah Doc. SSS hebat

  3. Roslee says:

    Congrates and keep up the good work! SSS excels…

  4. tumanggong says:

    Congratulations Prof..
    I hope you will win at the International Exhibition of New Inventions, Techniques and Products of Geneva next month…

  5. Ahmad says:

    Tahiah Prof. Madya…
    Hidup IR

  6. Zorro Hugo says:

    Congratulations Prof.
    Hope you can maintain the IR spirit to achieve your goals.

  7. […] prestej di Malaysia, ITEX 2009, membawa makna yang cukup unik. Selepas membawa pulang sebutir pingat perak dari MTE 2009 dan pingat gangsa dari Geneva, SSS terus gigih berusaha mendefinisikan semula konteks […]

  8. fazirah says:

    Congratulations Prof..

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