Exciting News from Geneva

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BRONZE MEDAL FOR SSS at the 37TH Prestigious Geneva 2009!

Photos and report, prepared by:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Balakrishnan Parasuraman

April 2009 (Geneva, Switzerland): 2009 is a refreshing year. It marks our 15th year as a dynamic University. UMS plays a pivotal role in promoting creative and innovative scientists through the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2009. This is an important miles stone: the participation in INPEX08 Exhibition, Pittsburg USA, ITEX 07, Malaysia and Malaysian Technology Expo 08, BioMalaysia 08 and others.

The Geneva Exhibition 2009 is an excellent platform for UMS to showcase and highlight research findings for the attention of the business and scientific communities as well as the general public worldwide. UMS is showcasing 9 national awards winning inventions to compete at the international level under 3 major categories (K- Agriculture-Horticulture- Gardening; O- Teaching methods and materials; Q- Foodstuffs-Drinks- Cosmetics, Health, Hygiene).

UMS won 9 medals (one gold, one silver and seven bronze). The only social scientist in the team, Associate Professor Dr Balakrishnan Parasuraman (Industrial Relations Program, School of Social Science) won Bronze Medal under the O category- Teaching methods and materials. The project is developed with the help of his co-researcher Dr Aryana Satrya, University of Indonesia.

Their project entitled ‘Implementing Union-Management Partnership in Asia: Case studies in Malaysia and Indonesia”. The research project has won several achievements in India and Malaysia, including silver medal at the 2009 Malaysia Technology Expo. Business players, trade unions, and the government have praised the study as an innovation that provides avenue for improving industrial relations climate from adversarial towards more cooperative way.

The researchers developed the research project into lecturing materials that are ready to be implemented to students in industrial relations courses, practicing managers, and wider audience. Besides text material, this paper comes with video clips on DVD, which brings the partnership issue to real applications in Asian context. Clips include, for example, “Negotiation in Retail Company” and “Reaching common understanding in postal industry”. A short questionnaire is useful for assessing the partnership condition at the workplace level. This text also provides links to some websites contain valuable resources for further readings in partnership and industrial relations.


7 Responses to Exciting News from Geneva

  1. Diana Kelly says:

    Congratulations to Dr Balakrishnan Parasuraman and Dr Aryana Satrya. Often clever and rigorous teaching does not get the recognition that it deserves, yet it is a most important aspect of academic activity – passing on our expertise, scholarship and knowledge to the next generation.
    It is great to see high international recognition being given to Dr Parasuraman and Dr Satrya
    Hearty congratulations.

  2. tumanggong says:

    Congratulations Prof..
    We hope Prof. can success always in you life…

  3. Latios Dixon says:

    Congratulations and happy to hear that everything goes fine on there.

  4. Aleme @ Ah Lee Mei says:

    Congratulation Prof Madya..

  5. Didil says:

    Tahniah dan sahbas diucapkan kepada Prof.Madya Dr.Balakrishnan Parasuraman kerana mengharumkan nama UMS dan SSS, kami sebagai student sangat beruntung dan bangga menjadi student dibawah prof….TQ Prof

    Moga Prof N family sentiasa diberkati tuhan

  6. […] 2009, membawa makna yang cukup unik. Selepas membawa pulang sebutir pingat perak dari MTE 2009 dan pingat gangsa dari Geneva, SSS terus gigih berusaha mendefinisikan semula konteks “teknologi dan […]

  7. diana(umskal) says:

    tq prof 4 ur lectrs just now…dats amzng lctrs wre i heard…..n i hope u will cme again 2 spprt us n b our mtvtr….

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