MSC6: Invitation to Form a Panel

Dear Colleagues

The 6th Malaysian Social Science Association Conference will be held in Kuching from 5-7 August 2008, this year organised by UNIMAS (More info on MSC6: click here). I am thinking of forming a panel or two to put our scholarship on the map. Would you like to suggest a panel theme or themes (can be more than one). The themes can be based on your areas of research interest but should have a title that appears to be inclusive, namely that it is attractive to people of different disciplines.

To start the ball rolling I suggest a panel:

Tentative Title: Modernity, livelihood and Changing Identities

Tentative description: with the fast paced change experienced by Sabah communities, livelihoods and identities are changing, as are ideas about the future. How sustainable are current livelihoods; to what extent are identities a hybrid of cultures, tradition and change; and what ideas about alternative futures do people hold?

Papers in both Bahasa Melayu and English are welcomed. Any more ideas about panels, please let’s hear from you, so we can all join and show them who we are at MSC6. Kindly contact me at my email below, or at extension 1826.



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